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Bags and Sacks for Packaging

Bags and Sacks for Packaging

Polymer bags protect their contents, increase storage time, and provide another opportunity for branding impressions with the end-user.

MaxxoBags produces bags from different polymer materials suitable for both the packaging of food and non-food products. They can be made in a wide range of sizes, all of which are available with flexo-printing.

  • Bags with Side Sealing

These polymer bags are thermal sealed on both sides. They are used for packaging of various lightweight products.In cases where more durable bags are needed, the thermal seals can be made double. These bags can be made of different types of polyethylene, polypropylene, Degralen or D2W, and Ecomater. They can have a bottom gusset if requested.

Possible extras:

  1. Holes for ventilation
  2. Euro-standard hole for attaching to a stand
  3. Flap on top
  4. Perforation line for easy tear-off
  5. Reclosable sealing tape
  6. Permanent sealing tape
  7. Printed serial number or bar-code

  • Bags with Bottom Sealing

These bags have a variety of applications because they are strong and economical. They are typically more durable than side-sealed bags but printing on them is more difficult.They are made of different types of polyethylene, polypropylene, Degralen or D2W, and Ecomater. They may have two side gussets.

Possible extras:

  1. Holes for ventilation;
  2. Perforation.

  • Wicked Bags

These bags have a flap with perforation for easy tear off and two holes on it. Used for packing bread and other baked goods, they’re also a smart choice for many other products.Every 50 or 100 bags are attached through the holes with small plastic strips.

They are designed for automatic or semi-automatic “Wicket” type packaging which open the sacks using air-flow.

  • Bags with Euro Slot

At their upper end, these sacks have a “head” with a hole which is suitable for hanging – on a European-standard stand.They can be made of BOPP or LDPE.

  • Bags with Flap and Sealing Tape

Bags with a flap and sealing tape are used for the packaging of goods that need to be removed easily. They’re a good choice for cards, t-shirts, magazines, and more.They can be made from LDPE or BOPP and have side sealing. They may have a bottom gusset.